Tuesday, June 30, 2009

About Me


Born in Ketchikan, I am an Alaska Native living in Kasaan, on Prince of Wales Island.

For 15 years, I lived in and around New York City (mostly in northwest Brooklyn). My NYC photo blog "New York Nitty-Gritty" began on August 3, 2005 and has over 1,500 posts to date.

Contact me by leaving a comment on a photo. If you put your email address into the appropriate field, not in the body of your comment, I will reply directly to you. Please, no spam "comments". I delete those.

Use the "Previous Posts" and/or the "Monthly Archives" menu to sift through older posts. FYI, you can see several years of my posted photos on my Flickr.com photostream...

Disclaimer: This blog remains a labor of love and has no paid advertising. Should this blog accept forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, and/or other forms of compensation, notice shall be made. All photographs are clearly my own. Should a photo by another photographer appear, appropriate credit shall apply. My posts are not intended to offend anyone in particular, but I retain the right to offend some in general.

Feel free to opine positively or negatively to images. I try to only delete spam comments.

Frederick Otilius Olsen, Jr.


  1. you are looking awfully fit Foo! and a smile?? dare I say Alaska is agreeing with you?

  2. Hello - this is Norway calling :) I was wondering if you have any norwegian anchesters? Your name is almost the same as my great grandfathers name, Otilius Olsen. Her left Norway, and his familiy, in 1913 - and we always wondered what happend to him - did he have any more children, etc... He was the father of my grandmother Martha, and he left her and her brothers Leif and Olaf behind, as well as his wife Hilda. If I am not mistaking, I think his son Olaf also went "over there" when he grew older. Please, leave me a message: anne.cath1202@hotmail.com. Looking forward to hear from you! From Anne-Cathrine Andersen, Nordland in Norway :)