Saturday, September 19, 2009

Claude's Totem

totem in front of Claude Morrison's house, Hydaburg, Alaska

As I type this, I am eating breakfast in Ketchikan, enroute to Hydaburg later this afternoon. Since I don't want my Denver Omelette to get cold, I will share a photo from sunnier times of Hydaburg at the end of July 2009.

Here we see the totem in front of Claude Morrison's house. It was carved several years ago by his grandsons, who live across the street. Mr. Morrison turned 99 this month.


  1. That is amazing...Mr. Morrison must be very proud of his grandsons! Wow...99 such a grand age and he lives in his own home still...good for grandfather will be 99 this January but he is in a nursing home now...


  2. one of my favorite authors and good friend titled one of his books."Low man on the totme pole." and every time I see one of the pictures of the totem poles ..that's all I can think of..ha