Thursday, November 26, 2009

Totem & Me

Otilius self portrait with totem pole, Kasaan Totem Park, Kasaan, Alaska

On this day, I am incredibly thankful to have found myself, after all these years, living 30 miles from where I grew up and about 30 feet or so from where my dad grew up. Kasaan, Alaska--the place I always loved to visit and always hated to leave, now I live there.

It's a long, long way both mentally and physically from New York City, my home for the last 15 years. Do you like apples? How about THEM apples??

Happy Thanksgiving!

[self portrait at Kasaan Totem Park, Kasaan, Alaska]

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  1. holy crap sweety...I didn't know you had moved back..I thought you were just on an extended vacation...or something..ha...well, welcome home to you...from yankees to eskimos....quite a difference...Im excited to see more of your photos of alaska...hope your having a great thanksgiving..your friend..jackie