Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gnarly Buoy

neglected buoy, Kina Cove, Kasaan Bay, Alaska

Remember to have enough line on your crab pots. This buoy must have been in or under water a long time to allow this build-up of crud. We saw it during a minus tide (especially low tide) and at high tide it went back under water. We will pull it up, since crab pots should not be left in the water forever.

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  1. I knew that drifting gill nets were a huge problem for the ocean, but never thought about lost crab pots as being a hazard. Good for you for helping the keep the ocean clean!

  2. That thing looks like some kind of gnarly sea monster! lol!

  3. Those mussels sure seem to be enjoying it. And of course were there are mussels there are sea stars.