Sunday, January 30, 2011

Old Marker

old sign in ruin, trail, Kasaan, Alaska

Old trail marker in ruin, Kasaan...

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and, three more from Klawock Totem Park, yesterday afternoon...

bear and whale figures, Klawock Totem Park, Klawock, Alaska

Klawock Totem Park, Klawock, Alaska

totem pole, Klawock Totem Park, Klawock, Alaska


  1. How old are those totems actually? The last two don't look very old, compared to the first two.

  2. Klawock has an ongoing restoration program for its totem park. The CCC program of the late 1930s began the restoration process. Some poles have been added in recent years. You would need to research for specific years for specific totem poles.

    Later this year, Klawock will raise 5 new totem poles, replications of previously-included poles. (Stay tuned...)