Friday, February 25, 2011

Longhouse Interior

interior, Chief Son-i-Hat Whale House, Kasaan, Alaska

Here we see a reverse angle of a previous post, from within Naay I'waans, Chief Son-i-Hat Whale House.

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    Walking through spaces where walls used to be
    I transcend time finding myself
    in this great gathering place of time long ago.

    Children see me first and a little girl
    takes me to her grandmother...
    Grandmother says she knows me,
    that I have floated in on the wind.

    I am invited to listen to tricksters tales,
    to laugh, to feast, to dance, and to
    pray great prayers lifted on smoke and
    carried to the Great Watchman above.

    When I come again to this great place
    looking empty and broken,
    it will once again come alive
    as I remember the little girl
    and the grandmother who welcomed me
    as I floated in on the wind.

    ~Robin Edenshaw