Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Raven Fin

raven on totem pole, Hydaburg, Alaska

Funny little thing I have with ravens in Hydaburg: they don't let me photograph them. It just never works out. I would see them in great positions or interesting compositions but as soon as I pulled a camera ready, off they would fly. (Well, one time I got one but I was inside a house and the raven didn't see me through the window.)

Anyway, we arrived early for Claude "Miijuu" Morrison's memorial on Sunday evening and the light in the totem park looked great. So, I thought to get a few shots. I snapped a couple and then noticed a raven on top of one of the poles. Sure enough, the split second before I snapped the shutter, the raven jumped and flew enough to "ruin" the shot. Not surprised, I continued to photograph other totem poles.

As I turned to go back to the car, I noticed a raven perched on one top of a double fin killer whale pole. I had to try again! This time, however, he never left. I snapped a couple--he stayed there. At one point, the raven looked at me and cawed a few times. I snapped more or less the same shot over again but enjoyed the moment, knowing full well that Miijuu belongs to the raven double fin killer whales.

Haw'aa to Rick for parking where you did...and to Miijuu for his example of an amazing Life.


  1. Thank you for sharing the story behind your photo. Knowing Claude, I bet he was sitting there smiling and cawing, "Take all you want, my friend!"


  2. Ravens are interesting birds. Cool photo.


  3. This Raven knocks on my heart. Your photography always catch the eye and urge Art by Tomas on looking around attentively than prior coming to your wonderful site that is the sharing of the love.