Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tree Growths

interesting tree growths, Kasaan, Alaska the woods near Kasaan


  1. "Alaska Nitty-Gritty" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

    By the way, did the Japanese tsunami cause any damage up there? I haven't seen any reports on the national news, and I have been meaning to ask you before now.

  2. No damage, thanks for asking. Actually, I did probably a dumb thing: I went to the Whale House, when I heard about the tsunami warning. Sure, it was a low tide but maybe I didn't take that so seriously. Of course, I didn't want to miss such a photo op, either.

  3. What about out in the Aleutians? They were awfully close to the epicenter!