Sunday, December 2, 2012

Maui to Juneau

My mother and her favorite Raiders fan got back to Juneau from Maui on Saturday.  Here they are on Sunday digging out from recent snowfall.

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  1. That's some nice looking snow. Clean and white, not all dirty and full of holes like city snow.
    I like the Raiders only when they are raiding, (playing on the road)

  2. oh I just noticed that my friend MarkD60 is reading your blog..he takes pictures of where he lives,and I get the best of both in alaska and him under the sea...and I used to have a very very bad word to describe the Raiders back in the 60's and 6=70's..and last word was suckers...but then all the houston oilers started going to the raiders so they became one of my favorite not dallas teams..ha